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Gum Grafting - Prime Time Dentistry - Frisco, TX

What is a Professional Gum Graft Procedure?

What is a Gum Graft?

If you’re experiencing a receding gum line, your dentist may recommend a gum graft. A gum graft is a relatively simple surgical procedure in which we will relocate tissue from one part of your mouth to an area experiencing gum loss. Whether for cosmetic or oral health reasons, your Frisco dentist will work to give you a beautiful, healthy smile!

Why do I need a gum graft?

For many reasons, you may consider a gum graft as part of your oral health treatment plan. A gum graft can relieve sensitive teeth by covering your tooth root in the healthy gum tissue, re-strengthening the gum around your teeth, protecting against further gum loss, and improving the aesthetic appearance of your smile.

What Causes gum recession?

Gum recession is the main reason you’ll likely need a gum graft. If you notice your gums receding, your dentist will work with you to determine the cause to develop an appropriate treatment plan.

  • Illness
  • Genetics
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Hormonal changes
  • Periodontal disease
  • Aggressive brushing
  • Excessive force because of bruxism (grinding or clenching)

Types of gum grafts

Your Frisco dentist performs a few different types of gum grafts.

Connective tissue graft: A connective tissue graft is used to treat one or more areas of gum recession. Your dentist will cut a flap of skin from the roof of your mouth to collect connective tissue and stitch it to the area where your gums have receded and the root is exposed.
Free gingival graft: Like a connective tissue graft, during a free gingival graft, your Frisco dentist will take a flap of tissue from the roof of your mouth and surgically affix it to the area where your gum has receded and your root is exposed. However, your dentist will take the tissue directly from your palate instead of using the tissue underneath the flap.
Pedicle grafts: Pedicle grafts depend upon the tissue around the adjacent tooth for coverage. During this procedure, your periodontist will partially cut a flap of tissue from the adjacent tooth and use that to cover the area over the exposed root. Your dentist will then stitch the tissue in place. Only those with enough tissue to cover the adjacent tooth can use this procedure.

Recovering from a gum graft procedure

After the procedure, your recovery time and pain will depend on the type of gum graft that you received. You will likely need to arrange a ride home from the procedure, as the pain medication administered during the procedure may impair your driving ability. You might experience pain or discomfort for a few days if your dentist removed tissue from your palate. Over-the-counter painkillers, as well as a cold compress or ice, can be used to provide relief from post-operative discomfort. Your dentist will provide detailed and personalized instructions for post-operative care, brushing, and food choices following your procedure.

Your Frisco dentist at Prime Time Dentistry will work closely with you to determine the correct type of gum graft for your oral health needs. We will carefully consider your oral health and medical history, the severity of your case, the cause of your receding gums, and your oral health goals when creating your personalized treatment plan.

While gum surgery sounds intimidating, your dentist is highly trained and experienced in performing gum grafts. Your Frisco dentist will provide high-quality dental care and a welcoming atmosphere to meet your needs and ensure you stay comfortable.

If your gums are receding and you want to know more about how a gum graft can help you, call our office at 945-207-7463 to schedule your appointment.